Halloween-Party Einladung: Schaurig schöne digitale Karten

Halloween party: eerily beautiful invitation cards

Halloween party: eerily beautiful invitation cards

BOO - October is the time for spooky time!

Autumn is here! The nights are getting significantly colder, it brings us sunny autumn days as well as rainy ones. Also this year he has Halloween "in his luggage". A custom that has spilled over to us and manifests itself more and more in family life with children year after year. Carving a spooky face into a Halloween pumpkin is great fun for everyone, as is lighting the candle in it every night.

I can understand why children love to parade through the streets together in disguise after dark. Wherever there is an illuminated Halloween pumpkin in front of the door, they ring the bell. Many a year they recite a little poem that they practice diligently beforehand or sing an autumn song. The bigger they get, the more “trick-or-treat” we hear. The small bag full of souvenirs is proudly sorted at home ... and lots of sweets are nibbled.

Tolle Einladungskarte als eCard zu Halloween versenden. Verkleidete Kinder, Herbstliche Blätter, Einladung zu Halloween

Paperless Halloween invitation cards

You can find

invitation cards for little Halloween ghosts who want to celebrate a party or walk through the streets together with friends in my shop. My motif selection ranges from small pink ghosts to a boiling cauldron to a Halloween ghost town.  

And for all those who wander the streets in disguise, I have collected a few short sayings that you can use to ring the doorbell merrily and happily:

Spider Leg and Broomstick,
this witch doesn't want much. Just a little in hand, and the witch ran away!
Lirum-Larum-Spoon Style,
this spell works magically!
If you succeed, then you give a lot,
works he doesn't, it's tragic!
We are the ghosts
knocking on the windows.
We'll ring the doorbell,
so that everyone feels afraid!
Give us something to nibble on,
so that we can keep fluttering!
I am the pumpkin spirit,
travelled from far away.
I'm very hungry,
so give me something to snack on.
Rummel, hype, traveler -
we are the evil spirits,
do you want to drive us away
or should we stay?
Don't you put anything in our sack
- we'll give you a piggyback ride!
Put something nice in it
– let's all go home politely!"
Wild spirits are walking around today,
here and there and all around.
And they don't give peace
until they get something sweet!
We are the 4 (5,6,7 etc. ) witches
and want to hex you.
We won't do anything to you,
you give us sweet things.
Chocolate, gummy bears, pickles and more.
Give it all here and you'll never see us again.
The voodoo man is in front of the door
and conjures up evil things.
If you leave him sweets in front of the door,
he will do it somewhere else!

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Halloween Party mit kostümierten Kindern. Einladungskarte zur Halloween-Party die man digital als eCard versenden kann.

Together with the family, I will now cook the first hot pumpkin soup and sharpen the knives to carve a ghostly face into our pumpkin.

I wish you a colorful autumn,