Invitation cards for confirmation

Celebrate confirmation with all your loved ones by sending your guests a confirmation invitation via WhatsApp. Choose the right invitation card for your confirmation, design your eCard online with your desired text and photo(s) and simply send your invitation to your confirmation with your mobile phone.

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In just a few minutes, use the online configurator to create a digital invitation card of your choice. It's quick and easy, and it's child's play. Also possible with a photo or as an invitation card for confirmation without a photo.

Paperless confirmation invitation cards are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paper invitations. You can easily send an eCard via WhatsApp and save both paper and shipping costs.

Invitations to confirmation online - Design and draft your personal template online now!

Confirmation is a special milestone in the life of a young person and should be duly celebrated. A beautiful invitation card is the first impression your guests get of your celebration. With the online configurator in the shop, you can quickly and easily create your own personal invitation card for confirmation.

The invitation to confirmation becomes even more personal with a photo. You also have the option to adjust the font size of your invitation. If you are missing text for your invitation, you can choose from a selection of beautiful sayings and psalms for confirmation.

Browse through the templates and ideas for confirmation invitation cards and easily design your WhatsApp invitation online.

Text ideas and confirmation sayings for your confirmation card

Creating invitation cards for confirmation with beautiful texts and sayings is child's play with an eCard. Choose the right saying for your confirmation from the large selection of text ideas and enter it in the fields provided. You can also write your congratulations and wishes for confirmation on the online card. You can also create many invitations to confirmation as a greeting card. Simply replace the heading "Invitation" with "Congratulations" and a greeting card for the confirmation child is created. You can easily send these digital wishes and/or a great saying with your mobile phone via WhatsApp.

Spar clever: Einmal kaufen, endlos teilen

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Your question, my answer:

When do I send an invitation to the confirmation?
So that all guests can really take part in the confirmation celebration, it is advisable to send an invitation 4-6 weeks before the confirmation.

Who do I invite for confirmation?
Confirmation invitations should be sent to all people who play an important role in the teenager's life, e.g. good friends, neighbors, friends from school or club and close family members. Everyone is happy about a confirmation card coming from the heart!

What should be in an invitation to confirmation?
- Name of the child to be confirmed
- Date and time of the service
- Address of the church and possibly the celebration location
- Feedback for an acceptance or rejection
It is helpful to inform the guests about what kind of celebration is planned for the confirmation, so that they can prepare for it.

Is there also a suitable thank you for the invitation?
Yes! In the "Thank you communion & confirmation" category you will find many great thank you notes with and without a photo.

I love to create beautiful invitation cards and greeting cards. And I am convinced that every celebration should be something very special and that you can already look forward to the celebration with an invitation card!

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