Sag nicht NEIN zu KLEIN - Hochzeit im kleinen Kreis feiern, so gehts:

Don't say NO to SMALL - celebrate a wedding in a small circle, this is how it works:

Don't say NO to SMALL - celebrate a wedding in a small circle, this is how it works:

Are you planning your wedding and looking for wedding trends and wondering what you need to consider for a perfect wedding celebration? In my blog post I would like to show you some ideas on how you can make a small wedding celebration wonderful. And if you also want to celebrate sustainably without putting too much strain on your budget, then great! Then you've come to the right place!

As in 2021, small weddings or mini-weddings will continue to be very popular in 2022. Because it doesn't matter whether your wedding is smaller due to the current and still uncertain Corona times or you have always planned to celebrate small and fine - just because a small wedding is planned, it doesn't have to be less loving and warm.

I, or rather, my husband and I, recognized this trend very early on - wink - and celebrated incredibly small a few years ago. With just 12 guests, we got married in a civil ceremony and invited our guests over 3 days. We have incorporated small adventure events and experienced various group events together with our closest family members. Pottery was made, a brewery was visited followed by a beer tasting, and even a barista course was shortlisted. It was incredibly beautiful days and by the way we would always celebrate so small and extraordinary!

And because planning a small celebration also requires some information and tips for you:

1. When does one speak of a celebration in a small circle?
2. When do you send an invitation card and how can it be sustainable and still elegant?
3. Where is the celebration: at home, in the garden or in a location?
4. Sustainable decorating ideas
5. Benefits of an intimate wedding

When do you actually start talking about a small celebration?

In general, one speaks of a celebration in a small circle, also called micro wedding or tiny wedding, if you don't have more than approx. invited 50 guests. And this classification can be very difficult for you. Who is allowed on the guest list and who is not? My tip here: just play with open cards. Formulated from the beginning that it is still uncertain how big celebrations can and may be celebrated. And that's why you're careful. Or that it has always been your wish to celebrate in a small circle.

When do you send an invitation card and how can it be sustainable and still shapely?

The date is set and now we can start further planning. So that your guests can save the date first of all, you can quickly and easily create a digital Save-the-date eCard approx. Send 6-8 weeks before the date and send the further information about the wedding as a digital invitation. You'll be easy on your budget right from the start, as a number of expenses for printed maps and shipping will be saved and communication will be easier if plans should change again. For example, I very often get feedback from dear customers that it makes them happy when the wedding date is sent with an eCard and they receive an immediate response or feedback. And the possibility of sending messages about the details of the wedding virtually is also very attractive for many of my customers. Because if we have learned a lot from the Corona uncertainty, then it is u. a the need to communicate with guests in real time and that last minute changes can be possible.

Kleine Hochzeit Tiny Hochzeit im kleinen Kreis Hochzeitsplanung Budget Brautkleid eCard Einladungskarte Save the Date

Where do you celebrate: at home, in the garden or in a location?

If you are celebrating a wedding in a small circle, you are initially free to choose the location. Isn't that wonderful? Whether in your own garden, in the backyard, on an alpine pasture, in the small restaurant around the corner, where you might like to eat together. You are completely free to plan exactly what suits you. Small celebrations can be celebrated more spontaneously, intimately and personally.

Ideas for a wedding at home or in a small circle:

  • Themed Wedding: Bathe your entire celebration in a specific color. The invitation, the decoration, the wedding cake* and also the clothing can be colour-coordinated. Choose a main color and use it in all wedding elements. Small splashes of color in the decoration, in the bridal bouquet, as small floral decorations for the guests. There are no limits to your imagination here. Do you love plants or do you like rockabilly? You will also find beautiful decorations for this.
  • Backyard wedding: small bars, banquet tables or a lounge area decorated with beautiful flower arrangements - everything is allowed! It can also be a little more casual. Seat cushions and picnic blankets may be laid out.
  • Brunch wedding: Is your wedding already taking place in the morning? Then why not just celebrate a wedding with all the breakfast treats you can imagine. This is also a great opportunity for your guests with small children and you can celebrate with young and old.
  • Barbecue wedding: You want it to be completely informal? Then a barbecue wedding would be perfect! On this topic it can also be rustic and how nice it would be e.g. B when you keep celebrating the anniversaries with a nice barbecue party?

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Hochzeit im kleinen Kreis wie plant man eine Hochzeit was kostet eine Hochzeit

Sustainable decorating ideas:

So that not only your budget but also our environment is protected, I have put together a few small decoration options that I think are really great:

Cloth napkins: A great way to decorate the table incredibly beautiful and classy you cover. In addition, you can use the number of serviettes again and again and for other celebrations such. B a baptism - wink* - use.

Handkerchiefs for tears of joy: Why not use the beautiful handkerchiefs like grandma used to have? They are available in the most beautiful colors and patterns and small tears are quickly wiped away.

In summary, there are many advantages that speak for a small, fine wedding and that make the day extraordinary and incomparable.

  • More time for the guests: Fewer guests automatically means more time per guest. You can communicate intimately with all guests.
  • Less budget or more budget for what remains - e.g. B beautiful wedding rings*
  • Relaxed preparation: Even if every wedding has to be planned and takes some time, a tiny wedding is still more manageable and plannable
  • Bigger selection of locations
  • Small celebrations are more spontaneous

No matter how you choose to celebrate, the day should reflect who you are and what matters most to you. Celebrate with people who are important to you, who are close to your heart and let memories arise that are fondly remembered and that you carry with you for a lifetime - no matter how small or big they are.

Your Anja

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