Danksagung oder Dankeskarte für Kommunion und Konfirmation als eCard versenden. Mit Foto und nach Wunsch. Papierlos und günstig.

Thanksgiving Communion and Confirmation: quick and easy, that's how it works.

Thanksgiving Communion and Confirmation: quick and easy, that's how it works.

After the festival is before thanksgiving:

Anyone who has celebrated communion, confirmation or another festival usually receives many greetings and some presents. How does it feel for you when you give someone something - and

  • never hear from the recipient again?
  • receive a thank you for it?

I like getting feedback that my congratulations went through. The "thank you" doesn't have to be big, a tiny one is enough for me. Because I thought about finding the right words and a personal gift. That's why I belong to the "Team Thanksgiving". Nevertheless, I'll be honest: Most of the paper cards that I have received over the years ended up in the paper waste sooner or later.

Danksagung oder Danksagungskarte als eCard versenden. Mit eigenem Text und Foto. Papierlos und günstig.

I know that children, especially teenagers, are usually not really enthusiastic about sending thank you notes - although they were really from the bottom of their hearts really happy about all the things they got for confirmation or got communion. There are questions upon questions for them: Who do I say thank you to? How do I say thank you? Does it have to be a thank you note with a photo? When is the right time? Is it 8 weeks after the holiday too late to send a thank you card? Does it have to be a card with Christian symbols? Is a short text enough or does it have to be a long, handwritten one?

Fast & inexpensive: A digital thank you eCard

With my digital thank you notes, I designed a personal paperless card that makes it very easy for you to say thank you. You can choose a template together with your child, individually according to your personal taste. Maybe you have an enchanting photo that you all like? The better the confirmand or communion child likes it, the easier it is for everyone involved. In my shop you will find unique thank you notes that you can simply send as a whatsapp card. Have a look at the Invitation for communion and confirmation - because I like to quickly redesign all of the many templates into a thank you note. I would be happy to design a thank you note according to your own wishes - at a fixed price.

Since you only have to buy one eCard, this thank you saves you money. Because you simply send them via WhatsApp or email to everyone who thought of you. Once decided, you will receive your individualized thank you – with or without a photo – within 24 hours. It doesn't matter whether you send them shortly after the festival or feel a little too late: Now it's really quick! Because as soon as you have loaded the finished eCard onto your smartphone, it is "ready to send". If you are planning to make a communion or confirmation photo album, just put the digital thanksgiving in there like a photo.

Danksagungskarten die Freude bereiten. Einfach eine eCard versenden und damit papierlos Danke sagen.

Text ideas for your thanks

You will find many heartfelt text suggestions on my digital thank you cards for communion and confirmation. I would be happy to include your own words on your thank you card. Some spells are:

  • I would like to say thank you for the great gifts, attention and congratulations on my confirmation/communion. It was a great and unforgettable day for me
  • Thank you for the kind attention, gifts and congratulations on my confirmation
  • Thank you very much for the many attentions and greetings for my communion - I was very happy about it
  • Thank you very much - also on behalf of my parents - for the many congratulations and gifts on my confirmation
  • I say thank you very much
  • Thank you for making my confirmation such an unforgettable day

I am sure that together we can solve the "problem" of thanksgiving and look forward to designing the perfect digital thanksgiving card for you and your child/teenager!

Your Anja