Why send a digital invitation?

You might be wondering why you should send a digital invitation card instead of a traditional invitation card? I'll show you several advantages of a digital card and hope I can convince you:

First and foremost is my approach that with a digital card, ie. eCard saves a lot of paper can be saved. The card does not go to print, there is no waste and the card does not end up in the trash with your guests. In addition, you do not need envelopes, which is not only good for nature, but also saves resources and costs.

Digital invitation cards are also very easy to send. You can create them in just a few clicks and send them immediately to all your guests via your smartphone or email, without having to go to the post office or buy stamps. This saves you time and effort!

And thirdly offer digital invitation/greeting cards offer more flexibility and personalization options. You can enter your wish and determine on any occasion. Plus, you can easily make changes and add or remove guests without the high cost of reprinting right away.

So, digital invitation cards and greeting cards offer many advantages over a paper card, including the environmental concern, time savings, and cost savings. If you're looking for an easy, affordable and convenient alternative for your invitation or greeting card, feel free to try a digital card.


Your questions - My answers:

How do I create a digital invitation card:

You simply select your desired card from the variety of card layouts to suit the occasion. You enter all relevant data in the default fields and can immediately preview your personal digital invitation card. Immediately after the purchase you will receive an e-mail with a "button" to the card. Simply click on the button, save your digital card or send it immediately.

Which app for a digital invitation:

You don't need an app, no access, no graphic skills to create a card. Directly from the default fields, you can simply enter your desired text using the keyboard and immediately get your desired card without sacrificing beautiful design.

Can I send an invitation via WhatsApp?

This is exactly what my idea of digital invitation cards is for. You can easily send the eCard like a picture to all your contacts or guests. No more searching for the right paper card and no more sending impersonal .gifs. With a digital invitation card, you can invite digitally without sacrificing beautiful design.

How do I create an invitation via WhatsApp?

You can't create a beautiful invitation or greeting card directly via WhatsApp. However, you can easily choose a suitable invitation card or greeting card from my templates, label it with your desired text and then send the image file - just like a normal photo - to all guests via WhatsApp. And the beauty of it, you need exactly one card and can invite all your guests.

Deine eCard - personalisieren, downloaden & teilen!