Invitation cards for youth consecration

Our special invitation cards for the Jugendweihe ensure that the transition from adolescence to adulthood is particularly stylish.

Invitation card Jugendweihe - Design your online invitation with our card templates!

Are you still looking for a way to design individual invitation cards for your Jugendweihe? With our WhatsApp templates for digital invitations, you can quickly and easily design invitations that are perfect for your youth initiation party. You can choose the right card for the youth consecration from many card layouts, personalize it with your desired text and send it immediately via WhatsApp with your mobile phone.

All your guests will be informed quickly and in good time about the youth celebration. All card layouts are lovingly created and incredibly high quality. Create your youth consecration invitation card in the shop easily and simply.

No suitable card layout for your invitation to the Jugendweihe?

You have the option of using designs from other categories for your Jugendweihe card. Let your creativity run free when designing. If you don't find a suitable layout here, I recommend that you look in the category Confirmation or Communion. You can also adapt and personalize all eCards to your youth consecration.

An eCard is cool & trendy!

With digitization, the type of invitations to youth consecration is also going in a new direction. Forget the traditional paper invitation and create your digital invitation card online now. You can easily send this with WhatsApp or your mobile phone and ensure a modern and cool invitation to the youth consecration.

Creating an eCard is so incredibly easy and unbelievably cheap. You can choose from a variety of designs and templates, add your own text and images, and then send your invitation with just a few clicks.

So what are you waiting for? Create your digital invitation card for the Jugendweihe online now and send it conveniently with WhatsApp on your cell phone.

Günstig und umweltfreundlich zur Jugendweihe einladen

Unsere digitalen Einladungskarten sind nicht nur leicht für deinen Geldbeutel, sondern auch gut für die Umwelt. Vergiss den Aufwand und die Kosten für Papierkarten - wähle stattdessen eine schicke und einfache Lösung, um deine Lieben zur Jugendweihe einzuladen.

Your question, my answer:

When do I send out an invitation to the Jugendweihe?
So that all guests can really take part in the Jugendweihe celebration, it is advisable to send an invitation 4-6 weeks before the Jugendweihe.

Who do I invite to the youth initiation?
Invitation to the youth initiation should be sent to all people who play an important role in the life of the teenager, e.g. good friends, neighbors, friends from school or club and close family members. Everyone is happy about a heartfelt invitation card to the Jugendweihe!

What should be included in an invitation to the Jugendweihe?
- Name of the Jugendweihe child
- Date and time of the celebration
- Address of the celebration location
- Feedback for an acceptance or rejection
It is helpful to inform the guests about what kind of celebration is planned for the youth consecration so that they can look forward to it

Is there also a suitable thank you note for the youth consecration?
Yes! In the category "Thank you communion & confirmation" you will find many great thank you notes with and without a photo that you can easily use as a thank you note for the youth consecration.

I love to create beautiful invitation cards and greeting cards. And I am convinced that every celebration should be something very special and that you can already look forward to the celebration with an invitation card!

Digitalization opens up so many new possibilities for us and I think that we should use them to protect our environment. With my eCards you can do exactly that, you can send a card completely paperless via your mobile phone without having to forego an elegant & beautiful design.

Feel free to look around in my card shop and discover the many beautiful invitation cards and greeting cards I made for you. You're guaranteed to find a card that says exactly what you want to say. Let my passion for card making inspire you and give your guests or the card recipient(s) an unforgettable treat.

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