Invitation to the bachelorette party

Find the right digital invitation to the bachelorette party that you can send to all your guests online and via Whatsapp as an eCard.

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Digital invitation to the bachelorette party

With our unique templates you can create a digital invitation for your bachelor party in no time. Whether you are planning a traditional or modern celebration, our templates are perfect for this special occasion.

Design your invitation to the bachelorette party according to your taste and share the anticipation of the big day with your guests. We offer a variety of lovingly designed templates that you can personalize and adapt.

And it's very simple: You can choose a suitable card layout from the large selection of digital templates. Then you simply fill in the default fields of your digital invitation to the bachelorette party with your own personal text. Immediately afterwards you can preview how your digital WhatsApp invitation will look like. And as soon as you have made the purchase, your bachelor party invitation will be available digitally with the confirmation email.

What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in our magical world of digital invitations and find the perfect invitation for your hen party. Create a warm invitation via WhatsApp and invite your loved ones to an unforgettable bachelorette party.

This information must be on an invitation to the bachelorette party

This information must not be forgotten under any circumstances:
You don't have to worry too much about the wording for the digital invitation to the bachelorette party. The common questions - where, when, what and who - are absolutely sufficient to send your guests the most important information of the digital invitation and ensure that everyone will show up. Unless there are some special details that absolutely have to be mentioned, then you can of course add them.

What must be included in a WhatsApp invitation to a bachelorette party:

1. The WHEN and WHERE
Date, time or start of the bachelorette party and where the celebration will take place. Even if you are celebrating at home, it may be advisable to give the full address. In addition, it is often very useful for the guests if there is a small notice about parking.

2. Gift wishes for the digital invitation to the bachelorette party
It's great for the guests if you add information about the gift wish to the digital invitation to the bachelorette party. The reference to a "piggy bank" may also be mentioned here.

3. It's actually allowed to bang!
If it's allowed to "rattle" on your bachelorette party, then digitally add the sentence to your invitation to the bachelorette party: "Blustering is the old custom, so here's our request: Leave paper , glass and garbage back, because only shards - they bring luck!"

Text ideas for a WhatsApp invitation to a bachelorette party

What do I write as a title on an invitation to a bachelorette party?

"We'll let it rip"
"Let's Get Loud! Invitation to a bachelorette party"
"Away with the old crockery - let the rumble begin!"
"Some like it hot - we rumble"

Text templates for your digital invitation to the bachelorette party


We get a beautiful tradition
and rumble
on ........... from ........... .. o'clock.

We provide brooms,
food and music -
you are only responsible for the broken pieces.

So come and let it rip!


We'll soon be having a small wedding,
unfortunately not everyone can be there.

That's why we're inviting you to a bachelorette party,
because it's boisterous Celebrate - you can't do that alone.


On ............. at ......... ....
it starts with a bang.

We're having a big party in our garden.

Just bring a good mood
and porcelain to smash
that's it Hit.

In just a few clicks you can create your WhatsApp invitation to the hen party digitally and online according to your wishes. Many digital invitations can also be supplemented with a personal photo.

The quality of the lovingly designed invitations to the bachelorette party distinguishes my shop. Feel free to browse through all the wonderfully positive reviews. Benefit from my experience and now create an invitation card for the bachelorette party that you can send digitally via WhatsApp.

Digital stag party invitations are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper cards. You can easily send an eCard via WhatsApp and save both paper and shipping costs.