Easter greetings

Design your own Easter greetings quickly and easily and simply send them as Easter greetings on WhatsApp. Share your Easter joy and put a smile on your loved one's face, even if you're physically apart.

Great templates for your WhatsApp greeting cards for Easter

Design your own greeting cards online

With a WhatsApp Easter greeting, you no longer have to buy, print out or even send a greeting card. You save yourself the money and effort you would normally put into a greeting card that ends up just ending up in the trash. By writing an Easter greeting via WhatsApp, you are not only doing something good for the environment, but also for your wallet.

Whether you want to send an "Easter Sunday greeting" or just want to send a short, happy Easter greeting, anything is possible with a digital greeting card. The many possibilities that an eCard offers you leave nothing to be desired. From cute Easter bunnies to colorful Easter eggs, anything is possible and there is something for everyone in my card layouts. A WhatsApp Easter greeting makes it easy to send greetings.

Let your creativity run free and surprise your loved ones with a beautiful WhatsApp Easter greeting. Sending warm Easter Sunday greetings is child's play with an eCard!

Send Easter greetings with WhatsApp

Design your personal WhatsApp Easter greeting and choose from a variety of card templates that are available to you. You can customize your Easter greeting with photos and personal messages. With just a few clicks you can create your WhatsApp Easter greeting and send it to friends and family.

Thanks to the user-friendliness and flexibility of digital greeting cards, the WhatsApp Easter greeting is becoming increasingly popular.

Just dare to design your own WhatsApp Easter greeting online this year and show your loved ones how much you care about them. Sending warm Easter Sunday greetings is easy with an eCard, and you can rest assured that your message will leave a lasting impression and surprise everyone who receives an eCard.

I love to create beautiful invitation cards and greeting cards. And I am convinced that every celebration should be something very special and that you can already look forward to the celebration with an invitation card!

Digitalization opens up so many new possibilities for us and I think that we should use them to protect our environment. With my eCards you can do exactly that, you can send a card completely paperless via your mobile phone without having to forego an elegant & beautiful design.

Feel free to look around in my card shop and discover the many beautiful invitation cards and greeting cards I made for you. You're guaranteed to find a card that says exactly what you want to say. Let my passion for card making inspire you and give your guests or the card recipient(s) an unforgettable treat.

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Send Easter greetings with WhatsApp

Celebrate Easter & send Easter greetings

Easter is just around the corner, my beloved spring festival. One of my family's Easter traditions, in addition to "secretly" coloring and hiding Easter eggs, is traditionally baking a yeast wreath. On Easter Sunday we put fresh out of the oven in the middle of the festively set table, spread with butter, jam, honey or chocolate cream ... and enjoy.

Depending on, we celebrate with a small family, with friends or with us friends and family together. If I have guests, I like to send a personal invitation. And – who would have thought it – I love to send all my loved ones a little digital Easter greeting to their cell phones. That's why I send a Whatsapp Easter greeting to my family and friends every year. It's just a nice way to express my love and appreciation and to make them happy.

Why send an Easter card?

Because with a Whatsapp Easter greeting you can easily send joy and show your loved ones so that you can think of them, I have designed small, digital Easter greetings especially for this. With cute bunnies, chickens, Easter eggs, carrots, door wreaths, rainbows, doves, feathers and flowers, there is bound to be a motif that you like!

In my opinion, there is no perfect time for sending your Easter mail. I always say: Better late than never! Traditionally, the Easter post is sent on Sunday, but of course it also depends on what is on the card, whether you are religious, whether it is a greeting or an invitation and when you are available. The great thing about my eCards: You can send a single, digital Easter card to as many people as you want around the clock. So, what are you waiting for? Spread joy with a WhatsApp Easter greeting and make your loved ones smile!

What do I write on an Easter card?

You want to send an Easter greeting via WhatsApp and are wondering what to write on the card ? That's entirely up to you! Whether you choose Christian words, funny sayings, loving messages, encouraging words or traditional Easter greetings is up to you. However, we have collected some ideas for you, which you can also find on our digital Easter cards in the shop:

We wish you a sunny & great Easter

Happy Easter days

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Happy Easter days

I hope to see you again very soon

You can send my Easter cards digitally via mobile phone, put them in the status on the Easter holidays and use them for your social media insert channels. Whether you send your greeting with your name, a text from us or your own ideas is entirely up to you.

Text ideas for your Easter greetings

Here are a few more sayings for the Easter card that you can put anywhere on your Easter card. Simply place your desired text in the designated fields:

Happy easter (English)

Joyeuses Pâques (French )

Feliz Pascua (Spanish)

Successful egg hunt and great Easter days

Happy Easter and a happy egg hunt

Enjoy the spring! We send you greetings for a sunny Easter

We wish you a blessed Easter

I wish you an Easter full of love and hope

Happy Easter and relaxing spring days

We send you many Easter and spring greetings from our bunny family (with family photo) / from our baby bunny (with photo of baby)

We wish you a busy Easter bunny

Invite friends and family to Easter

Brunch , picnic, walk in the woods or Easter bonfire ... if you are planning to invite family and friends around Easter, here are my text suggestions that you can write on an eCard invitation in one way or another:

One, two, three - where is the egg? Cordial invitation to the Easter egg hunt

Invitation to hunt for eggs together

Invitation to the Easter brunch
Would you like to look for Easter eggs with me?

Invitation to the spring festival on Easter Sunday

I invite you to fish on Good Friday

I'm having a big coffee party on Easter Monday: Are you in?

We'll make a small Easter bonfire in our garden and cordially invite you

Let's take an Easter walk and look for Easter eggs together along the way

Invitation to an Easter hike with one small picnic

Surprise: Do we want to look for Easter eggs together?

Unsure if one eCard is something for you at all? Then take a look at my free themes and try it out: It's wonderfully simple!

When do we celebrate Easter

Easter - the feast of the resurrection of Jesus Christ - is not always celebrated on a specific calendar date like Christmas, but according to the lunar calendar: Always on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the beginning of spring. This year is Easter Sunday on April 9, 2023 and then March 31, 2024. Exactly 40 days after Easter is Ascension Day.