Birthday digital invitation cards

Find the right WhatsApp invitation for your celebration here and create a digital invitation card with our templates.

What birthday are you celebrating?

Here you will find a great selection of birthday invitations for adults or for children's birthdays You can easily send a digital birthday invitation as an eCard. Whether classic or modern, there is the right digital birthday invitation for you for every occasion. All birthday invitation cards can be easily adapted and can be used with your smartphone, e.g. B. sent with WhatsApp. And you save a lot of paper at the same time - isn't that incredibly great?

The perfect birthday invitation

The preparation for the upcoming birthday party begins with the birthday invitation. You are celebrating your 30th birthday, 40th birthday or 50th birthday. Birthday and would you like to include a personal saying, an individual text or a photo on your invitation card? This is not a problem. Simply choose your suitable template from the large selection of WhatsApp invitation cards and enter your desired text in the default fields. May your invitation card be rustic? Then the "Hüttengaudi" invitation would be just the thing. Or you would like glitter and shine on your invitation card, then our invitation card "Confetti Gold Rush".

will surely inspire you

My guarantee - so that your birthday invitation is simply perfect!

I give you a quality guarantee for my eCard - for the perfect digital birthday invitation, everything has to be right. Nothing is worse than a transposed digit/typo on your invitation card. So that there are no nasty surprises after the purchase, I give you the opportunity to change your eCard. You can simply contact me within 24 hours and let us know that you made a typo. We will then be happy to offer you the opportunity to create your eCard again and immediately refund you the amount of the first wrong card order.

You actually want to send your invitations to all your guests right away? No problem, your digital invitation card is just the thing for spontaneous birthday parties. You can send your digital birthday invitations instantly and easily to all guests from wherever you are.