Digitale Einladungskarten - kann ich wirklich meine Einladungskarte über das Handy versenden?

Digital invitation cards - can I really send my invitation card via mobile phone?

Digital invitation cards - can I really send my invitation card via mobile phone?

That's really nothing for me, you might be thinking. Digital invitation cards are impersonal, superficial and are probably not sent with heart and I can't hold them in my hand and feel the haptics of the paper. All in all and in short, a digital invitation card or greeting card is not for you! That's what you think

Is that really the case? And why do you think like that? And before you start reading this post, let me quickly tell you what I want from you when you have reached the end of the post. Namely that you don't just send eCards euphorically or maybe you do, because that would be really cool ;-). But that you really ask yourself how many of the invitation cards or greeting cards that reach you have either ended up in the wastepaper basket, got lost somewhere in a stack of paper or how often you have already looked for an invitation card to read the details of the party again.

And for precisely these reasons, I would like to briefly introduce you to my digital invitation cards, i.e. eCards:

How do I create a birthday invitation digitally as an eCard?

It's very simple: In my shop you will find many digital card layouts from which you can choose a template that suits you for a celebration. If you have found a great layout, then you send your desired text to me with your order. You will find the appropriate fields for this directly on the digital invitation card. I can usually adapt the complete text of the e-card to your wishes - including headings and birthday numbers. You will receive a link to the finished eCard within 24 hours. If you decide on an EXPRESS card from my shop, then the template of the digital invitation card is available to you immediately after purchase with the order confirmation.

Junge Menschen mit einer eCard oder digitalen Einladungskarte die per Handy verschickt werden

Do I need an app to create an eCard?

No, you don't have to register or have any technical knowledge. You don't have to find your way through many graphic elements, you can create my digital invitation cards and greeting cards in just a few steps. That was and is also incredibly important to me in my shop! It should by no means be time-consuming, but you should make it easy for yourself and be able to send a great invitation card or greeting card paperless within a few minutes.

Can I send the digital invitation via WhatsApp?

An eCard is like a photo or an image file that you can simply save like a cell phone photo. You can then send the paperless card to all your guests via WhatsApp as often as you like and invite them to birthday, to party, to a celebration or family celebration. And the nice thing about it is that you can also get feedback from your guests promptly and that also helps you for your further planning, e.g. B for planning meals and drinks.

But even if not all guests can receive an invitation via WhatsApp, you can send the eCards via other messaging services or by email.

I'm still not sure about an eCard, is there a digital card for free? Or can I “try” an eCard?

I, too, often have to get used to new things and, to be honest, I'm often a little hesitant about new things and need a little "start-up time". And if you're like me, you're welcome to download a free map. This gives you an insight into my shop and also what an eCard looks like or how it works. how to easily create an invitation or greeting card via e.g. B WhatsApp can send.

Verschiedene WhatsApp Einladungen zur Party, Geburtstagsfeier, 30. Geburtstag, 40. Geburtstag.

I have briefly put together all these points here to show you: A digital invitation card or eCard can also be something for you! A digital invitation card or eCard does not have to be impersonal and superficial and can come from the heart. And it's so incredibly easy and really an alternative to expensive printed cards these days. Because look - and now I'm back at the beginning - so many cards end up in the wastebasket. That doesn't have to be for our environment and also not for your budget.