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Mourning, death and burial - a topic that belongs to life!

Mourning, death and burial - a topic that belongs to life!

Reach many people quickly with paperless obituaries "And again, again and again the sun rises", this song by Udo Jürgens was played at the funeral of a family father friend, at the end of the service in the small church in the village, very loudly . He had wanted it that way. Not easy for the relatives and the mourners, and yet so true. A very sad farewell, which somehow made us optimistic ... and gave us an inexorable catchy tune on the way back to everyday life.

The death of a loved one always hits us unexpectedly: It doesn't matter whether a person is suddenly taken from life or is redeemed from death after a serious illness. Mourning is always great! It paralyzes us, robs us of energy, costs us more strength than we have - and at the same time mobilizes unexpected forces that carry us through the first days and weeks after death.

My contribution to the topic of grief is the absolutely simple, cheap and quick creation of paperless obituary notices, thanks and sympathy cards, which you can send digitally and thus reach all the people you want to inform very quickly.

Farewell & obituary

What I want to say to you with this insight into my life: do everything to do with death in a way that is good for you and the deceased. "Let the people talk", the doctors sing - and they are quite right!

Most of the time you have chosen a funeral home with whom you can discuss and plan everything to do with the funeral. This includes informing companions about the death of a loved one. That's why I designed my digital sympathy card at a reasonable fixed price: You will receive it quickly, customized and adapted for you within 24 hours at the latest. I have short text examples on how to write an obituary notice that you can easily adopt - but I am also happy to write your desired text on the paperless obituary notice, which you can choose from me with or without a photo as a reminder of the deceased.

What do I write in an obituary notice - text ideas and sayings for your paperless eCard:

  • When God saw that the road was too long, the hill too steep and it was difficult to breathe, he put his arm around you and said: "Come home"!
  • Do not delay me, for God has given grace to my journey (Moses 24:56)
  • In God alone my soul finds rest (Psalm 62:2)
  • Now faith, hope, love remain, these three: but love is the greatest of them (1 Cor 13:13)
  • Christ speaks I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not remain in darkness, but will have the light of life (John 8:12)
  • Death is the gateway to light at the end of a path that has become arduous. (Francis of Assisi)
  • If a little more love and goodness, a little more light and truth came into the world through a person, his life had meaning (Alfred Delp)
  • Don't cry because it's over. Laughs because it was nice
  • When you decided to leave, the earth stood still for us
  • Loved and unforgettable
  • We miss you
  • We miss you
  • Loved and unforgettable

In my shop, you simply choose a funeral card with a motif that suits you: There are, for example, different trees, a dandelion, symbols such as a cross, heart, Blossom branch and leaves blown away by the wind.

What information goes on an obituary notice?

It's an absolute matter of taste and that's why you decide it all by yourself! Here are my suggestions:

  • the text you want on your card
  • (some people like the obituary notice without text, of course that's also possible)
  • all data on the deceased (date of birth/date of death)
  • a photo
  • the names of the mourners/closest family members
  • a mourning address
  • Information about the funeral/urn burial/funeral service
  • (day, time, address)
  • Thanks to hospital, palliative or hospice team, pastor, funeral home
  • Wishes like:
  • Instead of flowers, we ask for donations for ....
  • It was the wish of ... that everyone wear an accessory/garment in his/her favorite color "sky blue" at his/her funeral
  • If you have other wishes in your head, let me know. Since I know that time is of the essence in the event of a death, I design your individual sympathy card very promptly and quickly.

I put all your information on the obituary so that it looks harmonious! As soon as it is ready, you can download it to your smartphone and send it directly from there. Via WhatsApp and with all common messenger services, as SMS, as email; You can also use the obituary notice as a status message and print it out, since the file can also be resized for printing.

After the funeral | Thanks

After the burial, you have the opportunity to say thank you for the wide range of sympathy. Some people place an ad in the regional newspaper, others have a number of thank-you notes printed and then write them. You can simply use my paperless, digital eCard for this, faster and, above all, much more cheaply and with little expenditure of time. Buy a single eCard - send it to EVERYONE as often as you want.

I have put together a few text templates for you that could appear on your thank you note after the funeral, urn burial or memorial service:

  • Everything has its time" and we want to say thank you
  • Thanks to everyone who gave the deceased affection, friendship and appreciation in life, who spent happy and serious hours with him, who mourn with us and say goodbye and express their loving sympathy in so many different ways
  • Losing a loved one is hard. We thank you for the heartfelt sympathy we have experienced during this time
  • We say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the great sympathy through kind words and the many donations of wreaths, flowers and money
  • Losing a loved one is hard, but it's nice to know how many people have cherished them

Send condolences | paperless cards that are guaranteed to hit the target

Show the bereaved that you are thinking of them, give them comfort and courage. Friends are happy about a condolence e-card with loving, personal words, as are family members, distant relatives, colleagues, employees, neighbors and business contacts.

You can find a few spells to choose from here:

  • We wish you a lot of strength and confidence for the coming time, but also quiet moments to remember the good times and experiences we had together
  • Our thoughts are with you and we wish you a lot of strength for the coming time, but also many beautiful moments to remember the hours and experiences we shared
  • With this little greeting we would like to show you that we are thinking of you and express our heartfelt condolences. Feel hugged and pressed
  • In the difficult hours of farewell, we express our sincere sympathy
  • People we love stay forever because they leave footprints in our hearts
  • It doesn't matter when you lose someone: It's always too early and it always hurts. Our thoughts are with you
  • There is no right moment for any of this: You decide when and what to write on a condolence card. It's nice when it comes from the heart, because then it's credible and helps.

What else helps?

Mourning and coping with grief is usually not that easy for relatives and those who share in it. It doesn't matter how well you know and have known each other. Somehow death and grief have lost space in our lives, we are untrained to deal with them. The good old year of mourning has its justification, because we have to live through every day after a death and then we know: We made it! And that's why we can do it again!

Since everyday life gets pretty chaotic after the death of a loved one, I have put together small gestures, deeds and gift ideas that are individually pleasing and can help:

You know the mourners' favorite dish? Ask her if you can cook it (or something else) for her and then bring it over. A warm meal keeps body and soul together. Sometimes the bereaved households are also happy if they can leave the house for a meal with loved ones - offer that too, if it's ok for you.

Buy a small bouquet* or a planted bowl and bring it over or have it sent to the bereavement household. A dear friend tells me that after the early death of her father, the sea of ​​flowers at home carried her and her family through this time.

Candles: They are a sign of remembrance, they give us light and warmth. There are large white candles that look really nice with a small black mourning ribbon and make a good gift. There are also candles with mourning sayings*.

Just go there. Ring the doorbell and see if it's right. The mourners can talk about their experiences from the soul, you can hug each other, remember and think of the beautiful time together.

If you live too far away, call. Don't think too much about what you could say, just do it: it helps the grieving person more than not hearing from you.

All in all I would say you can't go wrong when it comes to grief - provided it comes from the heart. Everyone is unsure, many of us have never been in this situation, and this constellation will never exist again: So, just do it!

I hug you!


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