Trau dich und denke deine Weihnachtskarte mal anders!

Dare and think of your Christmas card differently!

Dare and think of your Christmas card differently!

During the Christmas season you get more familiar than in the other months of the year - do you feel the same way?

On the one hand, that's because it's getting colder and more uncomfortable outside and you spend more time inside, and on the other hand, because the Christmas season conveys cohesion and closeness. I often think of my relatives and friends and feel like visiting everyone or getting in touch. Christmas is just being together and surrounded by family. In every Christmas film, the families sit together in front of the fireplace at Christmas and unwrap presents, eat together and enjoy being together.

It's the cosiest time of the year - and for me - also the most beautiful.

Now it's not that easy to visit all your relatives, especially if they all live in different cities or even continents.
At Christmas, most people send a nice Christmas card with personal words or greetings to all their relatives. I did that for a while and always thought it was really nice to send or receive a little gift.

Why you should switch to a digital Christmas card this year:

But, now I'll be honest - the effort is enormous - at least for me when you have so many relatives. Write a text in every single Christmas card, add pictures, put it in the envelope and then take it to the post office and don't forget the postage - very time-consuming and actually really expensive. And all the effort involved in looking at the Christmas card briefly, disappearing in a drawer and ending up in the paper bin the next time spring cleaning is done. Ouch. Not pretty, but the bitter truth, right?

And look, here I want to show you that there is a better and more sustainable way to send your Christmas cards.

A Christmas card in the form of an eCard - digital - paperless - sustainable.

How to create your own digital Christmas card:

Exactly such digital Christmas cards are available here in the shop. You can create your Christmas card quickly and easily - personalize and send it. Very easy via WhatsApp or email. Such a simple, sustainable way to send your Christmas mail. You save paper, time and money - because the Christmas cards in the shop are available from 4.00 euros - and you can send an eCard as often as you like!

Regardless of whether with or without a photo - with your own text or with a predefined text. You're sure to find something to your liking.

I would love it if you would think about it and maybe you like the idea of ​​the digital Christmas card.

An absolute pro of the eCard: you can do good with the money you save!

The Christmas season is also the time for giving - maybe you would like to donate the money you saved from the paper Christmas cards that were not sent and thus make people who don't have that much happy. Because that's what I'm going to do this year. And I think that feeling is great, knowing that nothing ends up in the bin, but that I can make people happy at Christmas time with a small contribution.

I wish you and your family a great and, above all, wonderful pre-Christmas period.

Jennifer from the ecardilly team.