Digitale Weihnachtskarten geschäftlich und für deine Firma schnell und günstig als eCard versenden - Weihnachtskarten für dein Business mal anders

Christmas cards for your business - with a difference: Send digital Christmas cards quickly and cheaply as eCards

Christmas cards for your business - with a difference: Send digital Christmas cards quickly and cheaply as eCards

The Christmas season is the time of giving, joy and being together. But it is also a time of stress because everything has to be perfect.

The search for THE special Christmas card for your business can take up a lot of your time. Your business Christmas card should be individual and of high quality and not unbearably expensive? Then I can help you with my Christmas eCards for your business and make your work easier. In this blog you will learn why digital Christmas cards are so important for your business and how you can design them.

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1. Why a Christmas card for your business?

A Christmas card for your business is a very special gesture that you can send to your customers and business partners. The card will make you remembered and show that your relationship is important to you.
In addition, a special Christmas card also offers an excellent opportunity to say thank you personally or to share news. A Christmas card is not only a nice gift, but can also have a positive effect on your business!

BUT: Traditional Christmas cards are nice to look at, but if you have your business in mind, it's worth considering sending a digital business Christmas card. Because this is not only cheaper, but also more environmentally friendly and above all: faster!
You not only protect your budget, you also save yourself the trouble of labeling and franking the cards and can instead concentrate on the most important thing: your customers happy make :)

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2. The perfect time for the cards

If you decide to send a digital Christmas card for your business, then you should also consider when is the perfect time to send it. Of course, it also depends on the purpose of the card.

Do you just want to say hello to your customers and business partners over the holidays, or do you have a special promotion or news you'd like to share with them? If you decide to make a simple business Christmas greeting card, then it's a good idea to send it out a few days before Christmas. So your customers and business partners can look at them in peace and be happy about your kind words.

On the other hand, if you want to send a card with a special action or news, then you should send it as early as possible. Your customers and business partners can still use the campaign or find out about the news. No matter what purpose you decide on, with a special digital Christmas card as an eCard you are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your customers and business partners!

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3. The best ideas for your cards

If you don't know where to start or don't have access to professional design, don't worry! In my shop you will find many great WhatsApp templates for your digital Christmas card, i.e. eCards. In my selection you will find Christmas eCards with or without photos. All you may need is a photo of yourself or your team and a warm Christmas saying or greetings.

Here I have ideas for great sayings and Christmas greetings for your business and your customers.

As soon as you have your photo and text, you can start creating your individual digital Christmas card cheaply and sustainably online. And the eCard is available for download immediately after purchase. And then you can send the Christmas eCard immediately. This can then be done very easily via your mobile phone or, if you wish, via e-mail - both are possible.

4. Conclusion - a digital business Christmas card is a real alternative!

Christmas is the time of year when you can show your customers and business partners how grateful you are for their support. A Christmas themed eCard is a great way to do this. They are lovingly created by me, personal, environmentally friendly and save you the trouble of writing Christmas cards. If you haven't sent an eCard yet, then that's no problem - here you can find the opportunity to try out a free eCard.

And if you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

I'm happy!


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