Schulstart-Einladungen digital versenden: Zeit sparen und die Umwelt schonen

Send school start invitations digitally: save time and protect the environment

Send school start invitations digitally: save time and protect the environment

The start of school is imminent and with it an exciting time for the little ones and their families. It's a new chapter, a milestone in a child's life. To celebrate this special moment in a happy and lasting way, a loving invitation to start school is just the thing.

An invitation to start school is not just an invitation card. It is a heartfelt message that shares the anticipation and also a bit of excitement. It shows that the little school starters are being supported and also that the farewell to kindergarten is approaching.

Tolle Vorlagen zum Schulstart

Digital invitation to start school: save time and design it individually

If you're looking for a way to make the back-to-school invitation unique, then going digital is for you. Digital? Yes, you heard that right! A digital invitation to start school offers numerous advantages that you should not underestimate.

Time plays a big role in our hectic everyday life, I know that as a mother of two. You can save a lot of time with digital invitations. No more annoying printing, folding and sending of invitation cards. Instead, you can easily send them with WhatsApp or email. A few clicks are enough and all your loved ones are informed. Isn't that great?

But not only the time saving is really great. You also make a contribution to environmental protection. By not printing invitation cards, you conserve resources and reduce paper waste. Every digital invitation is a small step towards a more sustainable world.

WhatsApp Vorlage für den Schulstart

Digital invitation to start school: Discover our diverse designs!

Now you might be wondering how to create a digital back-to-school invitation that comes from the heart? It's easier than you think!

You will find beautiful invitations for the start of school or the start of school in my shop. Simply choose your wish card from a large selection of designs, add a personal photo and write a warm invitation text.

Starting school is an exciting moment not only for your child, but also for us parents. It is a time full of pride, but also saying goodbye to kindergarten and a new phase of life begins. An Invitation to start school makes it easy for you to invite everyone to this great event and make it an unforgettable experience.

And if you create a photo book from the enrollment as a reminder, you can easily add the eCard like a photo and the invitation card will then also be "immortalized" ;-).

Choose a digital invitation to start school and just do it! Save time, save the climate and show your loved ones how much you care about them!

Best regards, Anja from the ecardilly team