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Ideas for a confirmation or communion in 2023

Ideas for a confirmation or communion in 2023

When I think back to my child's confirmation, my heart warms. We planned this special day with joy and celebrated it at home with a garden party in a small family circle.

I really like organizing family celebrations like this, so I'll just tell you what I considered when planning our confirmation party. Sometimes you read communion, sometimes confirmation, sometimes confirmation - no matter which celebration is coming up, maybe my experiences will help you to create a plan for your celebration:

Appointment planning, save-the-date, invitation card & thanksgiving

  • The right saying for confirmation: verse, psalm, proverbs
  • The right location vs. Celebrate confirmation at home
  • Communion candles, gifts of money and other gift ideas for confirmation
  • What does the confirmation child wear?: cocktail dress, evening dress, skirt, blouse, blazer, suit... communion dress
  • Cake, table decorations and other decoration ideas for a great confirmation party

The appointment is set! Save the Date: Send your invitation:

It doesn't matter whether communion or confirmation is being celebrated in 2023: You want all guests to have time. And of course come! Now it's important to be quick - which I communicated in no time at all with a Save-the-Date for confirmation. I designed the card according to my child's wishes and in my child's favorite colors and then used it for the invitation and the Thank you. I have designed many different invitation cards for girls, boys, mums and dads. And a very individual invitation card for confirmation is also possible as an e-card. You can find the right offer in the shop here.

Einladungskarte als WhatsApp Vorlage für deine Konfirmation online gestalten

Are you unsure whether everything will go well and whether nothing will be forgotten? Please just forget your worries: Enjoy the preparations for your celebration, looking forward to this great day and don't put too much pressure on yourself. With an eCard, you can also easily submit last-minute changes without having to keep printing new cards. Isn't that great?

How do I find the right saying for communion & confirmation? My friend's daughter independently worked out and selected the saying for confirmation in confirmation class. We looked for psalms and other sayings together: And made a collection of sayings for communion and confirmation that you are welcome to browse through.

"The Lord is my shepherd" from Psalm 23 is included as well as an African proverb. Many adults I know can recite their confirmation verse as soon as they are asked. And carry it with you for the rest of your life.

You are looking for a suitable invitation card to accompany you into "growing up". And you will also find many great invitation cards on the subject of Jugendweihe 2023. Feel free to browse the category "Invitation card for youth consecration".

Find the right location or just celebrate the confirmation at home?

We celebrated confirmation in our own garden. With a tent with beer benches in it. All wonderfully festively decorated with summer flowers and grandma's crockery. It was so nice just being together.

Geschenk Ideen zur Konfirmation & Kommunion / Gedeckter Tisch mit Geschirr im Garten

What's your plan? Ask your child about their ideas. Tell him about your confirmation, your cousin's communion or your neighbor's confirmation: This way you can filter out an idea from wishes and experiences. Is there "your" favorite Italian, the club pub around the corner or a great schnitzel restaurant that you love? No matter where you celebrate, it has to suit you.

Communion children are mostly in the third grade and are around eight or nine years old. The age of the confirmands is usually 14 years. Confirmation also depends on the region in which it takes place and usually takes place between the ages of twelve and sixteen. The age therefore probably also influences the choice of your location.

Dekoration zur Taufe Dekoration zur Kommunion Dekoration zur Konfirmation Geschenk Ideen cake pops

Communion candle, gifts of money and gift ideas for communion

Find a unique gift for Communion 2023! Is it your wish? Then I have small, fine gift ideas for you that I can really recommend. Maybe there's the right gift idea for the communion boy (he might be a bit picky) or the girl for confirmation 2023 (note: maybe she doesn't like pink).

By the way, a great communion candle* is also something that is guaranteed to be remembered. A souvenir that you can give as a surprise (by arrangement) or design together with the communion child in a joint campaign. Sometimes the christening candle also plays a role. Maybe you still have it and would like to light it up again at this festival?

Money always has a slightly unromantic touch with the "givers" - but it is usually very popular with teenagers in particular to fulfill their own wishes. Sure, the individual sum may not stick in your memory in detail - the total sum usually does.
It is difficult to answer questions about the amount of each offering. My tip: Give as much as you like and can, don't orientate yourself on what "one" does. Who is "man" anyway? You are you!

My heart's tip: Think together with the child what their wishes are. Make a gift list and share it!

Here are some tips that might appear on the list:

(A little patience: I am currently creating the list that will be online soon: as of February 2023)

The right outfit for the confirmation:

The reassuring info first: Most of the time, in confirmation class, the kids get pretty specific tips on what to wear to church. At the associated parents' evening, we parents are also briefed on the subject so that we can believe the children's reports.

The most important information: Every child should feel comfortable. And that's an individual feeling!

Einladungskarte eCard Kommunionskleid Konfirmationskleid was ziehe ich zur Konfirmation an?

How far above the knee should the dress go, whether the shoulders need to be covered or not? Do boys need a suit, or are smart trousers and a shirt enough? Sneakers, Chucks or high heels in church? To be honest: we have already seen everything, sometimes we were actually amazed. Because it always depends a bit on what the pastor and their protégés work out as a good compromise for this one group that year. Also a bit of how old or young the group leader is. And to be honest: many kids look a year later, namely when they leave for the first prom in a smart evening dress, amazed at their photos of their own confirmation and are amazed at their own choice of clothes. Therefore: #let it run!

A bit of decoration works everywhere:

That's how it was with the decoration: We made a flower arch ourselves, put it in the garden and took photos underneath. Not only did it look beautiful, but it was also a lot of fun, which we are reminded of by many great photos. With a "photo frame" of any shape, memories are made, moments captured. We then took out grandma's crockery, set the beer tables with them and decorated colorful late summer flowers.

If you like decoration, communion or confirmation is the perfect setting for you to really let off steam. The Internet provides us with ideas for every topic, no matter how unusual. Christian symbols are popular as table decorations; such as small fish, crosses and the cup. But you can also buy doves, rainbows, wreaths of flowers, boats and balloons in all colors and made from a wide variety of materials. If you don't like decoration: you can do without, or just with a little bit. A beautiful napkin decorated with a small daisy. A wonderful selection of many stylish & sustainable decorations can be found here:

A special communion cake is a welcome addition to the coffee table: it is usually fondly remembered. By the way, I think it's a perfect gift idea!

Tischdekoration zur Kommunion Konfirmation mit Fisch, Taube, Torte, Eukalyptus

Hooray: You made it to the end of my planning ideas! I hope to have answered some of your questions about the upcoming communion, confirmation or confirmation of your child. All in all, this means: Anticipation is a great joy! Plan what is easy for you to organize so that there is no stress when organizing your family celebration.

Your Anja

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