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NEU: eCard individuell personalisieren und sofort als Download erhalten.
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Greeting card for Mother's Day. Even if most mothers claim that they don't need Mother's Day, they're sure to be happy about this little gift! You can simply send her this personal Mother's Day greeting right on the screen. And she can save this little joy in the gallery, present it proudly in the status, use it as a background for her smartphone, be happy about it again and again.

Information about the eCard:

Digitale Einladungskarte / Grußkarte:

Eine high Resolution JPEG/PNG/WEBP-Datei der Größe 1080 x 1920 Pixel, perfekt für die meisten Smartphones.


Diese eCard steht dir sofort nach deiner Bestellung als Download zur Verfügung.

Bitte schaue auch in deinem Spam-Ordner nach, ob deine eCard versehentlich dort gelandet ist.

How does an eCard work?

Gestalte deine digitale Einladungskarte oder Grußkarte direkt in der Vorlage und erstelle deine ganz eigene eCard. Nach dem Kauf bekommst du den Link zu deiner Karte sofort per E-Mail zugesendet und kannst diese dann sofort downloaden/abspeichern und digital - so oft du möchtest - versenden.

Customer reviews

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Doreen Ebersbach


Sigrid Jaschke
Customer service first class, shipping possibility suboptimal

Downloading and sending the card was complicated to impossible: the file format could not be opened with any program available to me and the image could therefore not be sent by email. It would only have been possible with a link in the mail and the picture was not displayed with every browser. The card may only be designed for sending on mobile phone communities - but not everyone has that.
I was actually lucky that the customer service also answered emails on Sunday and then sent me the personalized card again by email - thank you very much for that!
At that time, however, Mutti had already received a greeting email with my own photo of me but I stop the email and send it it next year - if my mother (93) then still lives ...