... and welcome to me - Anja Wagner!


I love the shape! And I have great respect for our environment, which I find absolutely protective. Since each of us has to deal with the latest techniques on a daily basis, it is, I think, to think again about the time "invitations". Paperless, for the environment's sake. Where it's possible and useful. From these two "enthusiasms" of mine for the beautiful form and the environment, my idea of the eCard emerged: as a paperless substitute for all the beautiful invitations, flyers &printed things.

With eCARDILLSI have realized my dream of "paperless printed matter": eCards! And the beautiful feedback of all those who have sent my digital cards so far is an incentive for me to continue following my idea. eCARDILLY-Online You can look at and order a lot of different eCards. There are always new occasions and eCards, you can easily get a free eCardtry!

I'm happy without papers!