Tolle Einladungskarten zur Kommunion und Konfirmation, zur Hochzeit, zur Taufe die digital als whatsapp mit dem Handy versendet werden können. eCard Greenery und vielen Motiven.


Wonderful and stylish invite with a matching invitation card as an eCard to the wedding, to the baptism, to the communion & confirmation.

Einladungskarte Hochzeit oder Hochzeitseinladung die man digital als eCard mit dem Handy versenden kann. Winterhochzeit, Sommerhochzeit oder Mottohochzeit.

Unique and individual card ideas!

Beautiful & unique card ideas for your wedding invitation. No matter when you plan your wedding, do you celebrate your wedding in the summer, or do you prefer snow hockey in the winter wonderland? We design individual Wedding, Save-the-Date Maps or special invitation cards for your wedding. From noble to classic- many different card ideas can be found in our shop. How about a flower invitation card or a beautiful Invitation card made of kraft paper at the wedding?

Einladungskarte zur Kommunion, Konfirmation oder Firmung. Du findest genau die richtige Kommunionseinladung für dein Fest - ganz egal ob mit Kelch, Kreuz, Fisch oder Ranken.

Incredibly beautiful communion invitations

Communion is an important day in your child's life and a beautiful family celebration where the Communion child comes first. For this unforgettable event we have just the right invitation card. Regardless of whether all eCards can be customized for communication & confirmation or firming. In our selection we have many invitation cards with church symbols, such as: Cup, Cross and FishYeah. With an eCard you can easily and quickly invite all guests! And all this for the sake of the environment!

Danke Karte für Kommunion Konfirmation Firmung Taufe Hochzeit. Digitale Dankeskarte die man einfach mit dem Handy versenden kann. Papierlos. Mit Foto.

Thank you for communion & confirmation

Suitable for every invitation card-no matter if Communion, confirmation or confirmation-we would also like to create a thanksgiving card in the layout of the invitation card. A photo of the communion child or Konfirmanden*in must not be missing? No problem-even on an eCard you can find enough space for a great photo or for a wonderful thank you-spell!

Thank you eCard