Send an eCard by messenger

Send invitation cards and greeting cards as eCard

My idea of a digitalInvitationAll invitations and greeting cards sent over the year have always been printed on paper and sent by post. Either you are looking for a suitable Invitation or greeting card or make it yourself. But how about you think about it right now? Your invitation card is not expensive to print, but sent as an eCard? Thanks to today's technology and digital media, you can easily and inexpensively invite your guests. Or you send fast and uncomplicated Birthday or congratulations digitally with your smartphone via Whatsapp or any other messenger service. Through your smartphone you have grouped all contacts in groups and reach all guests quickly and effortlessly. This is not only sustainable, but also incredibly affordable. Because you can reach all guests with exactly ONE eCard.

Send an invitation card by smartphone or whatsapp: What information should be on your eCard?

An individual invitation card as an eCard stands out from all standard invitation cards or simple toxins. If you have chosen your eCard, you should consider briefly what information you would like to give your guests. This way you avoid asking or making mistakes because the invitation card was not clearly formulated. But if you put the following information on your invitation card, nothing can go wrong:

  • Date and time of the birthday celebration
  • Where will your birthday party take place?
  • Date of commitment or refusal
  • Name of birthday child
  • possible age of birthday child

And who would like to receive the following information optionally: gift wish, duration of the celebration, dress code, things you should bring with you, hints on Corona specifications

All information can be entered in the message box at the respective invitation card or sent directly by e-mail.

If you have no idea at all for an invitation text for a children's birthday or birthday, I have compiled here some text ideas with which you can cordially invite.

I want to celebrate my birthday with the people I care about: of course you are one of them!
And float, another year older! I cordially invite you to join me in welcoming the new year of life!
There's a reason to celebrate! I'm going to be xxx and I'd like to celebrate this day with you. We will celebrate this great event together xxx years old and bring with us plenty of good mood!
After we couldn't celebrate for a long time, it's time for a big sauce! I'm celebrating my birthday at xxx and I'm inviting you!
I don't feel old at all,
That's why I'm celebrating my birthday soon.
I would be very happy
if you're at the... partying.
I don't like to celebrate alone,
so I invite you cordially,
at xxx to be my guest.
The time that comes, the time that goes, it's true I'll be at xx xx year.
I would like to celebrate this round birthday with you xx and invite you to it cordially.
The celebration starts at in the restaurant xx in Bergen.
I look forward to your coming
Our treasure grows three years old and invites all friends to celebrate with him. We will be happy to have you and invite you to the birthday party in the garden.
Teenagers at last! I'm gonna be thirteen, and it needs to be celebrated. There's a birthday party at my house at xx and you're very welcome to it.
Are you coming to my Sweet Sixteen party?
Let's go to the... from with open end!
Location: Germany
Motto: pretty and pink!
Hooray, I'm going five!
Will you come to my party?
You're invited to the... Clock at our house.
I'm glad you could come!
Dear family, we already have our first sunshine and we would like to celebrate it in a small circle. It is celebrated at xx from xx clock at our house. xx is already proud to be two years old. We would like to toast with you and celebrate this day together in our garden with you. When: xx Where: xx Please let us know if you can be there! We look forward to seeing you!
Dear friends and family, we invite you quite cordially to the 3rd. Birthday of xx. Bring a lot of cake hunger and even more good mood! We look forward to a great day with you! Celebrate in our garden in nice weather. Hip, hip, hooray, xxx is already xxx year! We would like to celebrate the day with a birthday party and invite you to it cordially.