Oktoberfest: Urige Einladung für deine persönliche Party

Oktoberfest: Rustic invitation for your personal party

Oktoberfest: Rustic invitation for your personal party

I'm a passionate child of autumn!

My birthday is in September. I spent my childhood in Swabia, where I was born and raised. I like to spend my holidays in the mountains with my family; in Austria as well as in Germany or Switzerland. Yeah, I like skiing, too. I like it rustically simple, I love nature! To be honest, costumes are also among the things that make my heart beat higher: I love a nice dirndl or a tight leather pants. All the magic that comes with it, I'm happy to suck it up.

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Why am I telling you this?

The sum of all these "beloved autumn moods" unites with my creative design rhetoric at the end of the summer: Then I start with my heart's blood and design invitation cards for...

  • Octoberfest that you celebrate at your home
  • all Birthdaywho like it rustically just like me
  • lazy autumn letters you want to spend in purple twilight with friends
  • In the afternoon, you enchant the fruits of autumn to great cakes and cakes and invite your family for a coffee chat. I can think of apples, blackberries and nuts as a base.
  • Wies'n-Ersatzparties in a small circle
  • common walks and walks through colourful forests
  • the common enjoyment of a bread period in the mild autumn sun
  • Yeah. and all other ideas that you have in autumn as small or big party to celebrate!

If you don't find the right invitation in my little fall party selection, I will be happy to design one for youYeah. The great thing about my eCards is that you only need one, which you can then send to all your guests by phone. To love the environment without paper!

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O'zapft is...

Yeah. We will not be able to celebrate this year, 2021, due to the coronation in a big round. The Wasn and other folk festivals are also cancelled for the second time in a row, understandably! But in the small circle it will probably be possible to have fun getting together and celebrating with friends and family. For autumn will come and enchant us this year with its beauty.

Come on, let's enjoy the wonderful autumn atmosphere this year!
Your Anja